Wash & Care

Because of its self-cleaning ability, these Animal fibres are easily cleaned in body temperature water.

Wash inside-out for less friction on the fibres. Wash either by hand or, if machine washing, select the special wool-wash programme. Do not use detergents containing enzymes and optical bleaching agents! These will cause unnecessary wear on the garment, and reduce its durability. A natural fibre-conditioner containing lanolin and silk protein will give back their softness and extend their permanence.

When wet, carefully stretch the garment back to its original shape. Flat drying is only necessary for bigger, heavier garments to keep their shape. When the garment is dry, some slight steaming will prevent the fibres from pilling.

All things made by nature deserve to be handled with love and care. Always keep in mind that these organic living fibres are delicate, but fragile - and thus sensitive to friction and tearing. Avoid direct contact with rigid boots, rough jeans, carpets, floors etc. It is normal that especially cashmere becomes a bit fluffy.. Bringing out the darning needle is no shame! Also be aware of moth attacks - we strongly recommend natural moth repellents such as sandalwood or lavender. Treat your garments gently - and they will give you optimal comfort for a long time in return...