Travel light and sustainable with functional, durable and timeless comfort from Vera&William.

Gudveig Hals Lilleengen (1915-1996)

"The philosophy of Vera & William is to create authentic pieces from the lost days. A time when clothes really had a function and were meant to last for generations. I wanted to find back to the dignity of an honest crafted hand work. Beautiful pieces made to care for, and worthy of repairing. A silent performance about taking back time and hopefully reach out with a message of consciousness. I do believe that smaller, independent brands really can make a difference in the long run. By slowing it all down, create from the heart, implement some awareness and getting through for consumers to really take a stand", says Anne Cecilie Rinde, Creative Director, Founder & CEO.

In memory of my grandmother: -"The freedom of diligent, the richness in moderation, the value of a simple life - and the grace of a beautiful handcraft."